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February 13, 2019

One of my personal stretch goals for 2019 was to make better use of my YouTube channel and create more video content. So this week’s #BlackBlogsMatter post is a vlog. I will do 2 more vlog-style posts between now and the end of the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge. Enjoy! Follow me on YouTube and see my video […]

May 31, 2018

Since ending the 2018 #BlackBlogsMatter challenge, I’ve taken a brief break from blogging. I poured a lot of myself creatively and emotionally into the posts I wrote. I needed a moment to recharge. In the meanwhile, I’ve done 2 awesome interviews on 2 awesome podcasts that I’d love for you to listen to! Cy Wakeman’s […]

December 19, 2017

A Charlie Brown Christmas is far and away my all-time favorite Christmas classic. The show opens with Charlie Brown not feeling any holiday cheer. He thinks Christmas has become too commercialized and focused on all the wrong things. He speaks with his friend/psychiatrist, Lucy, about it and she suggests he take over directing the local […]

March 9, 2017

Words matter. As someone who loves writing and spent decades in nerdy activities like theater and debate club, I know words matter. And I know verbal fillers are often a hindrance to us and our messages being taken seriously. A couple times a year, I reflect on the words I use frequently and eliminate phrases […]

March 15, 2016

March 15th is Tiffany Keuhl‘s birthday … so the BlogFFs decided to embarrass celebrate her with posts across our collective social media. I met Tiffany on Twitter about 4 years ago when she retweeted something I posted. Soon after, I followed her back on Twitter … then we connected on LinkedIn … then Facebook … […]

January 27, 2016

I am a feminist … It’s taken me a really really long time to accept this truth about myself — and in some ways I still struggle with the label. But there is no doubt about it. I am. First of all, I am a woman — and all women should be about the things […]

September 4, 2014

In Part One, I gave tips on orientation and onboarding. In Part Two, I talked about the importance of setting the tone through expectations. I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss the part of ‘the student’. So that’s what Part 3 is about … “Back to School” magic is not just about the teachers, the […]

September 2, 2014

I’m not sure how, when or why it happened — but I have a lot of friends who are teachers! And every year around this time, I see all their posts about going back to school. They are very excited, uplifting and full of anticipation for what the new year will bring. It got me thinking about […]

February 12, 2014

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February is a short month … but it’s also a great month and one of my favorite months of the year! We celebrate Black History and highlight the accomplishments of African-Americans in the USA in February. We celebrate Valentine’s Day and highlight the importance of love and romance in February. Usually, we celebrate the best […]

March 27, 2013

Confession time … I don’t really like Beyonce. She is undeniably talented and beautiful — but she doesn’t inspire those fan-girl feelings that make me think of her like a BFF in my head the way I feel about Jennifer Hudson or Mary J Blige. On a scale of “suck” to “awesomesauce” … Beyonce gets a “yawn” or […]